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Does wearing a wig improve mental health?

Does wearing a wig improve mental health? In the United States, it’s estimated, that one in every 100 to 200 women will lose their hair due to a medical condition. In addition to these women, many choose to wear wigs for cosmetic purposes or style preferences.  When a woman starts losing her hair, she experiences […]

How are human hair wigs made?

How are human hair wigs made? Haircare and styling have become an essential part of people’s lives, all over the world, with billions of dollars spent on hair products annually.  Human hair wigs made from real human hair replicate natural hair as closely as possible, allowing people to make a dramatic change without altering their […]

When did men stop wearing wigs?

First worn by the European aristocracy in the 17th century, wigs later became a fashion staple across all classes and remained popular until World War I. Today men generally avoid wearing them except for theatrical purposes or to cover thinning hair (and even then, many simply darken their existing hair or buy “hairpieces” that attach […]